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Melbourne School Forced Students To Make Replica Genitals Out of Plasticine


Melbourne School Forced Students To Make Replica Genitals Out of Plasticine

School students as young as 13 have been forced to make a vagina out of plasticine and listen to a teacher’s masturbation class.

Melbourne mother Marijke Rancie says her son, in year seven, was upset after coming home from school one day.

Ms Rancie, a critic of the controversial Safe Schools gender theory program, told former federal Labor leader Mark Latham about her son’s bizarre sexuality class.

Melbourne mother Marijke Rancie says her son in year seven was forced to make a vagina

‘They were given things like plasticine and pipe cleaners and obviously, I thought, ‘This is health class’,’ she said.

‘Are we talking reproductive system? What are we doing here?’

‘It was very clear it was made as a sexual organ. So he had to sculpt it, as he knew it, and then he was redirected to make a clitoris and the labia.

‘Really? Thirteen years old and he said to me, ‘Mum, it was really creepy’.’

Victoria’s Department of Education has previously disputed Ms. Rancie’s claims that students are being taught about dildos and how to masturbate.

Marijke Rancie (right) told media commentator Mark Latham her son was upset at the lesson

A Victorian mother claims her her seven son was 'upset' after a sex education class at school

However, she is sticking by her assertions.

‘Why on earth was he making female genitalia at school?’,’ she asked.

The Mark Latham’s Outsiders program also played an audio recording of a Victorian high school teacher encouraging year eight students to try masturbation.

‘It’s very easy for boys. There’s a penis and I touch it,’ a female adult voice says to giggles.

‘For girls, it’s a little bit different. Do girls masturbate? Yes.

Mark Latham's Outsiders played an audio clip of a teacher telling students to masturbate

The latest controversy comes after another Melbourne school let boys wear girl's uniforms

‘Are they more reluctant to? Probably. Should girls masturbate?

‘Yeah, why not. It’s just about exploring your body.’

The latest revelation about a Victorian sex education lesson comes only days after a school principal at Frankston, in Melbourne’s southeast, denied hearing a mother’s complaint about her son being told he could wear a dress to school.

Cella White – who appeared in the Coalition for Marriage ad opposing gay marriage – claimed her 14-year-old son was given that option.

But John Albiston, the principal of Frankston High claimed that incident ‘never happened’.

However, the Department of Education said Ms. White contacted them more than a year ago over the issue.


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