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Dan Bilzerian Flees Las Vegas Shooting Where Gunman Opened Fire During Music Festival


Dan Bilzerian Flees Las Vegas Shooting Where Gunman Opened Fire During Music Festival

Chilling video including from the ‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian captured the moment at least one gunman opened fire in Las Vegas.

Bilzerian claimed to have seen a girl ‘get shot in the head’ as he filmed himself fleeing the carnage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Meanwhile other footage recorded the sounds of gunfire ringing out in the middle of the concert, before the music stops and screaming can be heard.

Two people have died and 24 more were injured after at least one gunman opened fire with a fully automatic weapon late on Sunday.

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People were filmed running for their lives as a shooter opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel (pictured right)

Other footage captured concert goers ducking for cover as carnage unfolded around them

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said ‘one suspect is down’ around an hour after the first shots were reported.

Investigators later said they believe the shooter was alone, and they are not looking for any more suspects.

In a short clip uploaded in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Bilzerian can be seen with what appears to be the concert venue behind him, running along as gunshots continue to ring out.

‘Holy f***, a girl just got shot in the f***ing head,’ he says. ‘This is so f***ing crazy.’

Meanwhile other footage captured the final moments of Aldean’s performance before the machine gun fire started.

Shots can be heard ringing out for several seconds, before a long pause which is believed to be the gunman reloading.

After that the gunshots start again. The timing between the shots, which gets longer and shorter again, likely indicates he was indiscriminately spraying the crowd with bullets.

Police scanners revealed the body of the shooter was found on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, meaning he fired across the Strip at the country music festival (shown above)

People flee the scene of the shooting in Las Vegas. Police say the suspect is down and they are not looking for anyone else

Witnesses said many former servicemen and police officers were attending the concert, and rushed to help once the shooting was over

Video footage taken just in front of the stage shows people throwing themselves to the ground as they try to hide from the hail of bullets, before running for their lives between the bursts of gunfire.

Locals tuning into police scanners said the lone suspect’s body was found after police breached a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

That corroborates witnesses who reported seeing muzzle flashes from the upper floors of the hotel.

 Kodiak Yazzi, 36, said he and his girlfriend were watching Jason Aldean’s performance when he heard what sounded like fireworks.

As the 40,000 fans in the crowd began to flee, Yazzi took cover and said he saw flashes of light coming from the Mandalay Bay hotel tower high above.

The bursts of pops would start and stop for more than five minutes. He says he saw dozens of ambulances as he ran for safety. He later got a Lyft driver to take him home to suburban Henderson.


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