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Video Shows QLD Police Officer Tackling An Indigenous Child To The Ground


Video Shows QLD Police Officer Tackling An Indigenous Child To The Ground

A police officer has been filmed tackling a young Indigenous girl to the ground during a confrontation in a small Queensland community on Thursday afternoon.

Officers are seen standing outside a Commonwealth Bank branch in Murgon, 270 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, while one policeman argues with a woman.

‘Do you want to be locked up?,’ he asks, stating the woman is ‘causing a disturbance in the street’.

‘Leave, go home,’ he says, telling the group with the woman they should be in nearby Cherbourg, not Murgon.

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A policeman was filmed pushing a woman towards a paddy wagon in Queensland before running at a young girl in school uniform

As the officer yells and the group swears at him, a young boy is seen putting his phone in the police officer’s face.

The confrontation continues, as other officers discuss the situation with people milling around nearby.

Shortly afterwards, a woman is heard yelling ‘lock us up’, before the officer rushes at her and grabs her by the arms. She and others around her scream.

After directing the woman towards a waiting paddy wagon, the officer lets her go, before heading back towards the group.

In the scuffle with the first woman, it appears the officer lost his keys and a young girl wearing a school uniform picked them up.

As the officer heads back to the group, he sees the girl with his keys and moves towards her, pulling the girl to the ground as she screams.

Other police officers then move in.

The group starts to move on, yelling at the policeman as he yells back, and while one officer herds the group away, another approaches the officer at the centre of the drama.

A spokeswoman for Queensland Police said: ‘Police are aware of the incident and the matter has been referred to the ethical standards command’.

‘As the matter is now under investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further.’


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