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Woman Calls Man A ‘Sicko’ For Using The Parents’ Room To Changing Son’s Nappy


Woman Calls Man A ‘Sicko’ For Using The Parents’ Room To Changing Son’s Nappy

A woman has defended a man after he was shamed out of a parents’ room in the Kawana Shopping Centre on the Sunshine Coast last month.

According to mother Mikaa Ives who witnessed the incident, the man was trying to change his son’s nappy when another mother ‘piped up’ accused him of being a ‘sicko’ and made him leave.

To avoid confrontation, the man took his child outside and told him they would go back in soon, but hundreds of parents have since jumped to his defense.

A father was abused and made to leave a parents' room while he was changing his son's nappy

‘[She] started started abusing the dad for being in the parents room [saying] ”it’s only for mothers, get out you sicko” literally saying she would call security and say he was staring at her naked kids if he didn’t leave the room,’ explained Ms Ives in her supportive Facebook post.

‘He picked up his son who mind you didn’t even have a clean nappy on yet and went to stand outside the door.

‘His son was hysterical and he’s just saying ‘its okay mate, we’ll go back in there soon.’

A man was shamed out of a parents' room in the Kawana Shopping Centre (pictured) in QLD

‘At this point I thought f*ck this, told the dad to come back in and finish changing his son, told the lady that if she wanted to call security to go ahead because I would 100% back the dad up.

‘Old mate finished changing his son, thanked me and off he went.’

Ms Ives went on to say that the mother in question wasn’t even changing her children – she had just gone into the parents room to check her phone while her kids played.

She said she was ‘absolutely shocked that the poor bloke felt he had no choice but to leave like she said’, and also informed a security guard on the way out.

‘ITS A PARENTS ROOM NOT A F***ING MOTHERS ROOM. If you’re one of the people who act like that when a dad is simply changing his child, then I suggest you stay the f*** away from the PARENTS room,’ she vented.

In comment posted later, she added, ‘I hope all the nasty women who treat fathers like this for simply being a parent – I hope they heard my story on the radio or have read the post and realised the way they are acting is ridiculous.’

'ITS A PARENTS ROOM NOT A F***ING MOTHERS ROOM,' wrote an irate Ms Ives on Facebook

Hundreds of people have made supportive comments on Ms Ives' original Facebook post

More than 300 people have commented on the story, the vast majority of which are in support of Ms Ives and the anonymous father.

‘Good on you for standing up and saying something to the rude lady. Can’t believe she would even try saying some thing that disgusting and threaten to tell security that he was looking at her kids. Its good for some one to stand up in situations like this. Thank you,’ wrote one woman.

‘Not all caregivers have vaginas. Get over it,’ commented another.

People were quick to remind the mother that children typically have female and male carers

People have flocked to Facebook to support Ms Ives for standing up for the rights of the father

Some of the commentators are fathers as well, and many said a similar thing had happened to them.

‘Happened to me twice now. Thank goodness my little boy is out of nappies now,’ one father shared.

 Another wrote: ‘I’ve had security called on me for taking my daughter into a parents’ room to change her nappy. Security basically told her to to pull her head in as I was clearly changing a baby.’

Fathers commented in support of the man, and said they had similar experiences in the past

Fathers praised Ms Ives for her actions and spoke about having seen the same kind of abuse 

Shine Lawyers discrimination law expert William Barsby confirmed to the ABC that all caregivers – regardless of sex – were allowed into parents’ rooms.

‘What we’re seeing here is an example of someone being indirectly discriminated against because of their sex,’ he told the publication.

‘In Australia we have very strong laws that prohibit that type of behaviour.’


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