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DISGUSTING Act of Animal Cruelty in Australia


DISGUSTING Act of Animal Cruelty in Australia

A dead koala has been found screwed to a pole at a park north of Brisbane, in an act that has left wildlife rescuers feeling sick to the stomach.

Koala Rescue Queensland responded to a report of a koala climbing a wooden gazebo but on closer inspection they found the koala dead and screwed in place at Brooloo Park Lookout, near Gympie on Wednesday.

‘I feel sick, like throwing up,’ Koala Rescue Queensland spokesman Murray Chambers said on Thursday.

A dead koala was discovered screwed to a pole in at Brooloo Park lookout, north-west of the Sunshine Coast, on Wednesday (pictured)

He said the attack on a ‘vulnerable’ and ‘innocent’ animal showed no respect for Australian wildlife.

‘What sort of people do this?’ he asked.

The rescue team was headed to the park on Thursday to conduct tests and determine if the male koala was dead or alive when it was placed there.

Unfortunately the incident is not a one-off with the team often faced with distressing acts such as koalas being shot or beheaded.

Fellow team member Ray Chambers said there was a need for stronger penalties for animal cruelty to stop this ‘horrid’ behaviour.

‘The whole thing is just wrong,’ he said.

‘We want answers.’

Koala Rescue Queensland is a 24-hour rescue service run by volunteers across the state.

Koala Rescue Queensland staff said the body has been removed and an investigation is underway


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