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Car Dealership Abandoned for 20 Years Home to Pristine 80’s and 90’s Sportscars


Car Dealership Abandoned for 20 Years Home to Pristine 80’s and 90’s Sportscars

A forgotten showroom full of rare Japanese cars has been discovered on the streets of Malta.

The abandoned dealership was once the only Subaru garage on the small European island, but it was put out of business in the late 1990s when a rival started importing the same cars.

US website uncovered the disused Fuji Heavy Industries showroom and posted a series of images and video revealing the hidden gems inside.

Diamond in the rough: The Subaru XT Turbo (pictured) was launched in 1985 and could be the last of its kind in the world

What was left inside was an ultra-rare collection of right-hand drive Subarus, most of which had next-to-zero miles on their clocks.

Among the classic cars was an early model Impreza estate with original 1980s wheel trims over steel wheels, with unpainted bumpers and door handles.

Also inside the time capsule was a Sambar and a compact Justy, but the real diamond in the rough was a brand new Subaru XT Turbo – a two-door coupe which was launched in 1985.

The wedge-shaped two-door coupe is right hand drive and only has delivery miles on the clock
The Fuji showroom was once the only Subaru trader in Malta but it was forced out of business by a rival

With the last one rolling out of the factory in 1991, it is potentially the last remaining brand new Subaru sports car in the world.

At the time of production, the Subaru XT a known innovator of small sports coupes.

Fitted with four-wheel-drive and a turbo charger, it was loaded with unusual features like retractable door-handle flaps, pistol-grip gear shifter, headlight washers, trip computer and a hill-hold brake system.

Among the barely-touched collection of vehicles was an early model Subaru Impreza
Blast from the past! There is still an advertisement for air condition installations
The dusty windows makes it difficult to peer inside
Most of the cars inside are white with all the original grey trims on the bumpers and wheels

Keen-eyed car enthusiasts have questioned whether the dealership is truly abandoned.

They pointed out that barely any of the car tyres were flat, and noticed plants inside the showroom were still healthy.

But according to, the former owner had been using the showroom as a garage for one of their own motors, explaining the store’s upkeep.

The garage is located in the small town of Mosta on the Mediterranean island.


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