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5-Year-Old Aussie Girl Miraculously HEALED of Cancer After Revolutionary Treatment


5-Year-Old Aussie Girl Miraculously HEALED of Cancer After Revolutionary Treatment

A girl who had a one per cent chance of survival has miraculously been cured of a brain tumour after experimental treatment in Mexico, parents claim.

Annabelle Nguyen, five, from Perth, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer three years ago.

She now has ‘no visible tumour, her mother Sandy Nguyen claimed in an update to family and friends on social media.

 Annabelle Nguyen (pictured) has been cured of a fatal brain tumour Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) according to her parents 
Her parents have sold their house and spent $300,000 trying to find a cure for Annabelle  
Sandy Nguyen supplied the Daily Mail with a recent super scan which she says shows no tumour activity.

‘We just had another meeting with Annabelle’s doctors here in Monterrey to go over the last of her PET scans… where they added another tracer,’ she posted.

‘The results from these tests confirmed what the doctors expected and it’s wonderful: Annabelle  has no tumor activity in her brain.’

She was given just only one per cent chance of survival but her dedicated parents sold their family home in order to raise the $300,000 that would save her life.

Her parents travelled to Mexico in the last hope of saving their five-year-old daughter Annabelle Nguyen (pictured)

Mrs Nguyen claimed the treatment had killed Annabelle’s tumor and all her ‘current symptoms’ are due to inflammation, which the doctor is ‘addressing with a comprehensive plan’.

‘What this means is that we can officially say that Annabelle has no evidence of the disease,’ she said.

‘She has beaten the diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma beast.’

Parents were elated when they were told on Sunday Annabelle (pictured) has been cured

The family have received ‘the OK’ from the doctors to go home but there are still some treatments remaining which means further trips to Mexico will be required.

On Friday Mrs Nguyen had expressed distress her plane had been postponed due to ‘delayed treatment’ but also thanked family and friends for support.

‘We regret to announce, we are not going home anytime soon due to Annabelle well being,’ she posted on Facebook Friday.

The decision to travel to Mexico came after an MRI showed progression, with Mrs Nguyen deciding she could not sit back and watch her daughter die

‘She is doing fine, just had a treatment yesterday and got discharged this morning but due to the postponed of the treatment, we’ve decided to wait before we get on that crazy long hours of flight.

‘We are very sad, extremely homesick and the Lunar New Year is approaching around the corner is not helping at all but it’s all for the better.’

Annabelle Nguyen was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a fatal brain tumour, in September 2015.

But unable to sit back and accept Annabelle had less than a year to live, her parents Trung and Sandy decided to take the little girl overseas for controversial treatment.

Doctors in Australia urge caution to other families considering the treatment overseas

Annabelle first began experiencing symptoms when she was two years old after complaining of impaired vision and night terrors.

Her concerned parents took her to Princess Margaret Hospital, where she was diagnosed with the deadly tumour, and given a survival estimation of less than one per cent.

Mrs Nguyen told the family at the time Annabelle had between six and nine months to live and that they should go home and ‘make memories’.

‘Annabelle was the only child in Perth diagnosed at the time and we were told to enjoy our precious time with her as there isn’t a cure,’ Mrs Nguyen said at the time.

After many sleepless nights Mr and Mrs Nguyen discovered an experimental treatment in Monterrey, Mexico and after speaking with other parents decided 'there was no looking back'

After undergoing 30 intense sessions of radiation at St Charles Gairdner Hospital, Annabelle’s parents decided to return home to Vietnam.

Mrs Nguyen said: ‘We wanted to spend some quality time with her and the family, so she would be surrounded by all that love her’.

‘A fire lit within me and immediately we went on the hunt for any trials or treatments available.’

A GoFundMe Page set up by Mrs Nguyen has so far raised more than $19,000 with a $300,000 goal.

Annabelle's sister Alyssa (pictured right) also travelled to Mexico with the family.


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