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Australian Man Dies in Popular Thailand Party Hotspot


Australian Man Dies in Popular Thailand Party Hotspot

An Australian man in his 40s has died in Thailand following a savage bar fight in ‘notorious’ party town Pattaya, where he was thrown to the floor and ‘stomped on’.

The victim was fatally assaulted at the Ruby Lounge on Friday night by as many as five men in front of ‘shocked’ customers and staff, The Herald Sun reported.

Local media outlet The Pataya News identified the victim as Benjamin Robb, from Newport in Melbourne.

Pictured: Benjamin Robb, who Thai media have named as the Australian man killed in a bar attack in Pattaya on Friday night

Witnesses claim one of the men – believed to be an American tourist – approached Robb and threw him across the bar before punching him several times in the face.

On Monday morning, ThaiVisa reported the victim had been in an argument with four or five foreign men, all of whom were intoxicated and aggressive.

The American man then allegedly approached the Australian man as he lay on the floor and ‘stamped on his head multiple times’, according to an eyewitness who recounted the horrific incident in a Facebook group.

An Australian man in his 40s has died after a savage bar fight at the Ruby Lounge in Thailand
The man was drinking in popular Thailand party district Pattaya when he was fatally assaulted

Bar staff contacted paramedics, who rushed to the venue just after 7.30pm as a ‘patron with medical experience’ put the victim in the recovery position and attempted to administer first aid.

‘He [the attacker] smashed his foot from above in the guys [victim’s] face at least 10-15 times with full force. That whole incident lasted probably 20 seconds’, the witness wrote.

‘The bully’s buddies were making pics of the poor guy. They didn’t make an attempt to leave the bar. We left the scene before the ambulance arrived.’

The victim was reportedly left unconscious, bleeding and suffering from ‘horrific’ face injuries as his attackers took pictures of him.

A patron administered first aid to the man at the Ruby Lounge before the paramedics arrived

He was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, but passed away around 3am as a result of ‘internal bleeding and severe facial damage as a result of sustained impact to his cranium and skull’.

One of the attackers, believed to be the American man, reportedly fled the scene.

He later turned himself in at a police station, where he was remanded over the incident. He is expected to face court within ten days.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the man’s death.

A spokeswoman said DFAT is: ‘providing consular assistance to the family of an Australian man who died in Thailand’.

Local police are withholding an official statement as they continue to investigate the crime and decide what charges to file against the attacker, The Pattaya News reported.

The man was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, but passed away at 3am from his injuries

Ruby Lounge has also released a statement regarding the incident, and confirmed that no other customer of staff member was injured during the incident.

‘An altercation lasting less than 20 seconds between two customers on Friday night resulted in one person being taken to hospital with serious looking injuries, which sadly resulted in him passing away in the early hours of Saturday morning.

‘The other individual involved handed himself in to police and it is understood he is to remain in custody until a court appearance in 10 days or so.

‘Whilst our thoughts remain with the victims relatives, we would also like to thank the emergency services for their prompt and professional attention in dealing with the incident.’


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