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Man Charged With Murder of Sydney Lawyer


Man Charged With Murder of Sydney Lawyer

A man has been charged with the murder of criminal lawyer Ho Ledinh who was shot dead late last month.

Arthur Kelekolio, as named by Daily Telegraph, was arrested by NSW homicide squad at Sydney International Airport Tuesday morning attempting to board a flight to Bali.

Mr Ledinh, 65, was gunned down as he sat outside Happy Cup cafe in a prominent shopping strip in Bankstown, in the city’s west, on January 23.

NSW Police said the 38-year-old allegedly approached Mr Ledinh and ‘shot him a number of times at close range’.

A man has been charged with murder after lawyer Ho Ledinh (pictured) was shot dead 'at close range' late last month
Mr Ledinh stands out the front of the Happy Cup cafe with his wife and two young children

Detectives are questioning neighbours and are scouring nearby houses where some police were seen leaving with pieces of paper Tuesday afternoon, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Relatives of the alleged murderer have been questioned by police at the Walder Road unit complex in Sydney’s south west, according to the publication.

A number of items were seized from a unit in Hammondville.

The 38-year-old man was taken to Mascot Police Station, where he was charged with murder late Tuesday evening.

The man was refused bail and will appear in Central Local Court Wednesday.  

Strike Force Eugene was set up in response to the shooting of Mr Ledinh, a leading lawyer in the city’s west who had represented gangland clients.

Mr Ledinh was brutally murdered when a gunman wearing a hi-vis top rushed inside the Happy Cup cafe, shot him up to four times and fled as he fell to the floor.

Despite the best efforts of paramedics and a close friend, crying out ‘say something, please!’, they could not revive him.

Family friend Vivian Vo said that that his youngest child had gone looking around the house for the siblings’ father.

‘They really miss daddy,’ Ms Vo said.

The motive for Mr Ledinh’s slaying is unknown, but he is known to have been in debt and dealt with alleged criminals in his job and had outspoken political views.

Vivian Vo, a family friend of Mr Ledinh, collapses to the ground where Mr Ledinh was gunned down
The footpath outside the Happy Cup cafe lays splattered with blood following the shooting
Detectives comb over the scene where Mr Ledinh was gunned down outside Happy Cup cafe

Mr Ledinh was sometimes late in paying the rent for his office suite, just metres away from where he was killed.

Colleagues said he was often too embarrassed to ask his clients for money and did his job pro bono regularly.

Mr Ledinh’s wife and two children were overseas at the time of his death and weren’t aware of the brutal killing until their return home.

CCTV footage captured the moment a man wearing high-vis fired four shots into Mr Ledinh


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